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The highly multidisciplinary focus of the ICPF offers a wide range of expertise in many chemical and chemical-engineering fields. We offer  expertise both in research contracts and consultations. A summary of the topics is far from exhaustive, more detailed information will be provided by corresponding persons or send your enquiry to AppliedResearch@icpf.cas.cz.

Aerosol Laboratory

Contact: Dr. Ing. Vladimír Ždímal

  • Determination of aerosol filter efficiency depending on particle size
  • Operational measurement of aerosol nanoparticles
  • Measurement of distribution of aerosol particle size in spray
  • Determination of chemical composition of aerosol particles depending on their size
  • Emission and ambient air quality sampling of aerosol particles and their analysis

Analytical Chemistry

Contact: Ing. J. Sýkora, Ph.D.

  • MS, LC-MS (HR)
  • SEM, EDX

More information: lcnmr.icpf.cas.cz


Contact: Prof. Ing. F. Kaštánek, DrSc.

  • Removal of environmental pollutants
  • Decontamination of soil and groundwater from dangerous substances (PCB, PBDE, heavy metals)
  • Production of bioactive substances (polyunsaturated omega-fatty acids, carotenoids) based on microalgae

Microwave Technology Centre

Contact: Ing. J. Sobek, Ph.D.

  • Microwave drying
  • Microwave glass melting
  • Soil decontamination by microwave radiation

Centre of Texture Studies

Contact: Ing. O. Šolcová, DSc.

  • Texture and transport characteristics of porous materials
  • Pore distribution, specific surface area, porosity, por volume, skeletal and apparent density
  • Material constants, diffusion coefficients
  • Determination of pore presence
  • Characterization of flow properties (diffusion, permeation flows)

More information: cts.icpf.cas.cz

Electrodiffusion Flow Diagnostics

Contact: Ing. J. Tihon, CSc.

  • Wall shear stress measurement
  • Characterization of the near-wall flow turbulence
  • Definition of recirculation flow zones
  • Detection of near-wall reverse flow
  • Detection of moving bubbles or particles

Waste-to-Energy Management

Contact: Ing. M. Šyc, Ph.D.

  • Technology for energy recovery of waste
  • Exhaust gas cleaning
  • Use of solid residues generated by combustion (element recovery, solidification/stabilization, etc.)
  • Creation and destruction of POP substances

Heterogeneous Catalysis

Contact: Mgr. L. Kaluža, Ph.D.

  • Preparation of solids defined by properties for catalytic and non-catalytic processes
  • Solid surface characterization by gas chemisorption
  • Catalyst characterization by temperature-programmed reduction
  • Temperature-programmed reactions
  • Determination of reactivity, activity and selectivity of heterogeneous catalysts for hydrogenation, oxidation and hydrodesulphurization reactions

Hydroacoustic Measurements

Contact: Ing. P. Stanovský, Ph.D.

  • Detection of sound fields or cavitation phenomena by means of Brüel & Kjær hydrophones (0.1Hz –180kHz)

Immobilized Biocatalysts and Optical Sensors

Contact: Ing. G. Kuncová, CSc.

  • Immobilization of enzymes and living cells for their use in biotechnology and optical sensors. Immobilization and encapsulation (sol-gel) into inorganic and organic-inorganic carriers.
  • Research of optical sensors and biosensors for chemical industry and environmental monitoring. Examples: optical enzymatic sensors with oxidases and an optical oxygen transducer, optical glucose sensor, optical sensor of biogenic amines, optical sensor of oxygen, bioluminescent bioreporters of BTEX, naphthalene, Hg, dichloromethane, etc.
  • Reaction catalysed by esterases: Glycerolysis, transesterification and hydrolysis of vegetable oils by immobilized enzymes in a column reactor