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Book Series Science Around Us

The book series Science Around Us is a collection of promotional booklets for the presentation of science, its history and current results to high school students, teachers and a broader public. Its aim is to clearly and comprehensibly familiarize the recipients with various forms of science and research, but also with the existence and research of the individual workplaces of the Academy of Sciences. The book series is published by the Publishing House of Academy in collaboration with the workplaces that are interested in presenting themselves to the public in this form. Therefore, each volume will provide reasonable information about the workplaces that produced it. The governing body of the book series is the Editorial Board appointed by the Council for Science Popularization.

Chemical Technology and Human Society

What are the limits of further development of the human population? What will the life look like after the exhaustion of fossil sources, not only in terms of energy but also chemical processes? These and many other questions are formulated in the 22nd volume of the Book Series Science Around Us called Chemical Technology and Human Society. Without really being aware of it, chemical processes are used for wastewater treatment, removal of pollutants from thermal power plants and transport means. Production of a number of things that surround us, e.g. fertilizers, building materials, fuels, pharmaceuticals or consumer goods depend on the chemical processing of fossil materials. Chemical support for agricultural production and production of drinking water is irreplaceable.

You will find the booklet in each Academia Bookstore or in the PDF Format that can be downloaded here.


The booklet of the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the CAS introduces the principles of bio-refining, biomass usage (including biomass waste) in food industry, pharmacy and as biofuels to the readers. In the last few years the chemical engineering tends to use the knowledge of the environmental science and focuses on biotechnology and energetics. Therefore, cooperation among researchers and practitioners from various fields is necessary – projects and centres are being established for this purpose (Competence Centre for Biorefining, Waste to Energy Competence Centre), in which activities the ICPF is significantly involved. 

The entire publication can be downloaded as PDF.

prof. Ing. František Kaštánek, DrSc. (Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals)

Eduard Hala

Thermodynamics is such a complex field that only a few of those who devote to it can really understand it in depth. One of those rare and fortunate few was professor Eduard Hala, ranked among the world’s leading experts. He was never satisfied with the basic physico-chemical research, he focused on chemical-engineering aspects and the study of substances and properties important for industrial practice. His monography Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium was translated into English and became literally the Bible of the field. The memories of former colleagues will also present this important scientist from a different perspective than a professional level: as a distinct, inspiring and warm personality with a strong character.

The fifth volume of the book series of the Academia Publishing House is free in every Academia Bookstore or you can download it in the PDF Format.

Laws that Cannot be Repealed

Classical thermodynamics is a theory about heat and motion, and how the heat affects physical and chemical processes. It is based on four postulates, thermodynamic phrases. They are natural laws that cannot be questioned. This text aims to introduce the history of discoveries that led to the formulation of thermodynamic sentences and their significance to the readers. Steam engines, internal combustion engines, chilled and frozen food, residential heating systems, spirit distillation and other processes have a thermodynamic basis. Whether we realize it or not, the thermodynamics is an integral part of everyday life and phenomena that we normally observe. However, after reading this booklet, the concepts of heat, work, energy and entropy should no longer be a secret for the reader.

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