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Assurance of long-term energy self-sufficiency and security of the Czech Republic, improvement of export potential of producers in the area of energy and reduction of environmental burden are current social challenges for research in the field of efficient transformation of different energy sources and storage, and intelligent energy transmission.

Number of the Academy of Science research groups carry out  basic research in these fields and are ready to search for new solutions jointly in order to contribute to substantial innovations of existing technologies. The research will focus on renewable resources and related increased requirements on the transmission system and energy storage, geophysical conditionality of wind, solar and geothermal energy, development of nanostructured materials for energy conversion and storage, as well as significant innovations of thermal power plants (using fossil fuels and non-nuclear parts of nuclear power plants), which are likely to remain an important source of electricity in the coming decades. 

The complex research of fuel technologies will also include the use of separate combustion products and energy recovery from waste. Decentralisation of energy production requires development of intelligent transmission networks that are built on the theoretical framework of statistical and dynamic models. Sufficient capacity for energy storage is necessary for balancing the fluctuating electricity production from renewable sources. The Na-ion based technology, which is still at the stage of laboratory research, may have crucial impact on the mass development of electric vehicles. The reason is the fact that limited lithium supplies for Li-ion cells could have similar consequences as limited oil reserves.