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Internal Grant Agency of the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the CAS, v.v.i.

(Hereinafter IGA ICPF)

1. Mission of the IGA ICPF

The mission of the Internal Grant Agency IGA ICPF is to support development of scientific research activities and qualitative growth of students of the 1st-3rd year of full-time Graduate Studies (hereinafter GS) in the form of internal research projects.

2. Status of the IGA ICPF

Article 1

Goals of the IGA ICPF

  • To increase the share of scientific research activities of students of the 1st-3rd year of full-time Graduate Studies GS in the total ICPF achievements through their active involvement in this activity in the form of internal projects.
  • To motivate students to increased publication activity and quality conference outputs.
  • To develop independent scientific research activity of GS students.
  • To teach students to formulate and solve research projects within the Institute in order to successfully apply for financial support from outside resources.

Article 2

Organisational Structure of the IGA ICPF

The IGA Body is the Commission for Scientist Training of the ICPF

Commission for Scientist Training (hereinafter CST) consists of the Chairman of the CST and several members. The Commission is appointed and dismissed by the Director of the ICPF. 

Tasks and Activities of the IGA ICPF: 

  • To prepare and announce a grant competition;
  • To evaluate project proposals and decide to provide financial aid;
  • To take into account the student’s grade and his or her previous activity in the IGA when considering proposal evaluation;
  • To evaluate and control the process of solving and meeting targets of the projects;
  • To control the drawdown and effectiveness of using the funds provided;
  • To ensure publication of the competition results and result evaluation of the project solutions.

The Body of the IGA ICPF is a quorum in the presence of an absolute majority of members. If the votes are tied, the casting vote is the Chairman’s vote. Voting in an electronic form per rollam, which is initiated by the Chairman of the CST or a member appointed by him or her, is considered to be valid.

Control Authority of the IGA ICPF

The Control Authority of the IGA ICPF is the Director of the Institute through his or her Deputy Director for Economics who:

  1. determines the amount of financial aid of the IGA ICPF. The Deputy Director for Economics announces the total amount of the aid to the Chairman of the CST before the evaluation and announcement of the grant competition results.
  2. comments on the distribution of funds and approves this.