Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals at the Science Festival 2018

The Science Festival follows the successful Trade Fairs for Chemistry that have been held in the Dejvice Campus since 2011;

The first Trade Fair for Chemistry was one of the major events of the International Year of Chemistry at that time. The Festival is a mutual project of the House for Children and Youth of the capital city Prague, academic institutions associated mainly in the Dejvice Campus and other leisure time institutions. The topic of the year 2018 was “Technology moves the world”. This year, the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the CAS also attended the Festival and presented the Programme Foods for the Future within the Strategy AS21. This Programme responds to the issue of ensuring food sufficiency for constantly growing population through approaches that use knowledge from many fields and state-of-the-art technologies. For instance, the genome editing methods that contribute to higher efficiency of breeding and agricultural production without negative impact on the environment belong here. It also focuses on the prevention of certain diseases of the digestive tract or on the better use of microalgae in nutrition and production of valuable substances. The attention is also paid to the unnecessary waste of food and new procedures for processing natural materials and bio-waste. The staff of the ICPF festival booth showed that chemistry is all around us and even the kitchen can become a chemical laboratory to the visitors. The visitors could see the light and colour phenomena of food, test how senses could deceive us, learn what food to use for a chemical experiment and experience it all themselves. Some interesting chemical experiments using substances of everyday life, which can be safely carried out at home, could have also been seen. The interested persons learned how to prepare a homemade oil lamp, how to peel a raw egg, how to chemically blow out a candle, how to prepare a non-Newtonian fluid, or how to divide the colours on the chalk. Our scientists also explained to them what the food additives are and that it is not necessary to worry too much about them. They informed them about high sweetness of frequently used sweeteners and, last but not least, they presented them feed materials and food processed within the Programme Food of the Future.