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Bažantova konference doktorandů 2018

Datum a čas události: Čtvrtek, 7. Červen 2018




9:00 Conference Opening
9:10 Ing. Martin Kos: Transition Metals Complexes with Helical 2,2-Bipyridine Ligands
9:25 Ing. Tomáš Beránek: Phosphorus Derivatives of Helicenes
9:40 Ing. Lubomír Váňa: Synthesis and Functionalization of Aza[5]phenacenes
9:55  Ing. Monika Müllerová: From Cationic Carbosilane Dendrimers and Glyco-dendrimers towards Multifunctional Dendritic Wedges
10:10  Ing. Marie Cerhová: Effect of Conditions on TiO2 Aerogel Crystallization Using Modified Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
10:25  Coffee Break
10:40  Maja Čanji, MSc.: Analyzing the Experimental Thermodynamic Data for Ionic Liquids and their Study as Thermal Energy Storage Materials
10:55  Ing. Michal Žák: Single-step Purification of Raw Biogas to Biomethane Quality by Hollow Fiber Membranes without any Pre-treatment - Innovation in Biogas Upgrading
11:10  Ing. Jakub Bumba: Magnesium Silicide and Germanide from Waste as a Source of CVD Precursors and Ultrapure Semiconductors
11:25  Kingsley Ezeji, MSc.: Hydrodynamic Behavior of Large Bubbles in Slot Channels
11:40 Conference Closing
13:30 Conference Winners Announcement